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Demystify Your WordPress Website or WordPress Blog with TutoringNeed a WordPress tutor? Have you tried reading WordPress For Dummies and other such books and you’re lost? Do you just want to cut to the chase and get your WordPress website or blog up, with someone to hold your hand and explain the process to you? You’re in luck! We offer WordPress tutoring by appointment for all skill levels, from basic to advanced, for an affordable $50.00 per hour. We’ll teach you all about the care and feeding of your blog, from how to make a backup (important!) to SEO (search engine optimization) techniques you can use to optimize your blog or website and make it more visible and more profitable on the Internet. Contact us to discuss your WordPress tutoring.


Please note: You may not get a reply the very next second, due to our regularly scheduled work flow with existing clients and the amount of .email we receive. While we try to respond to email on the day it’s received, there are, occasionally, times when the response may take two to three days. So be patient, please, as “good things come to he who waits.”

Lost when it comes to social networking? Here are three basic social media reference books:

Contact us for one-on-one social networking and social media tutoring, which covers many additional options.

Our tutoring prices are $50.00/hour per person, pre-payable in one-hour increments via PayPal. (We don’t provide appointment times in increments of less than one hour.) Depending upon the degree of complexity involved, a package rate may be more economical. Our website designs (WordPress installs, SEO (search engine optimization), social networking and social bookmarking and graphics of your choice) start at $2,500. We offer fair value and deep knowledge; it’s no accident that our site enjoys a high Alexa ranking — out of 120 million (and growing) websites and blogs on the planet. While two of our specialties are social networking and SEO and unlike many other website developers, we also place a high priority on website and blog security.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, Leads to Higher Google Page RankA hallmark of quality is a website or blog that’s well optimized for search engines, as seen in the Hubspot graded score for Pajamadeen. Try it yourself — see what SEO score your website or blog receives at Hubspot. Not happy with your score? Contact us to learn how to improve your score!


(Aside, to save us both time: The tutoring we offer teaches people more about how their WordPress install functions — everything from how to make backups, to how to write and code more effectively for SEO, how to place images, and security measures that should be taken. We are not going to build you a website from scratch for $35/hour. (Thinking: Why would we teach you how to do our job?) Please see our portfolio for examples of our well-coded WordPress builds which consistently make clients money and which are optimized for both SEO and social networking.

We are not going to tutor you in *.php coding or *.css and template tweaks. If you need graphics, we have several graphic artists. If you need *.php modifications, we have *.php coders.

It’s not realistic to think that one can sit down and learn what took years to learn in terms of WordPress — and *.php in particular — in a few one-hour sessions. If you have the determination, you can learn everything you might ever want to know in the WordPress Codex. End of rant intended to ensure that we’re a good fit for one another. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Other than that, we’ll be happy to work with you!)

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